Caregiver Program

How to report your CPD hours   
Please note; in order to claim your CPD hours, please follow CICC CPD procedure :
  • CPD reporting cycle: July 1 to June 30 of the following year (12 months)
  • You MUST complete the CPD Attestation Form and upload it when completing your Annual Renewal through the YM online portal
  • June 30: Deadline to complete the Annual Renewal and submit the CPD Attestation Form each year.
CPD submissions made via email or mail will not be accepted
CPD audits  
Your CPD submission may be audited at any time between July 1 and June 30 of the following year. If you selected for an audit, CICC will notify you by email.
You will be required to provide documentation to the College: CICC will include further details in the email.
Please use the following instruction to fill in the CPD Attestation Form for this CPD course:

Activity Date: Please enter the date you have watched the video

Activity Title: Caregiver Program

Subject Matter: Pilot Program

Activity Type: Please choose: Video Recording of Live Session

CPD Provider: IMLIN

CPD Hours: 3

Please note it is your responsibility to watch the CPD video prior to its expiry date to earn CPD hours toward your CPD obligation. You may find the expiry date of each video on IMLIN CPD Courses webpage or on CICC Upcoming CPD Events


Note: The video will be valid until October 24 2021. Please watch it before the end of validity date. This video will not be available after the expiry date.

NOTE: For 2021-2022, CPD/PD hours must be completed and reported from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Thank you for your participation. If you have any question(s), please feel free to write us a note and send it to

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