Shandana Sohail

Shandana Sohail


Shandana is Regulated Canadian Immigration Counsel based in Greater Toronto Area. Her company “CanadaLeaf Immigration” provides Canadian immigration and citizenship services to clients from all over the world. She teaches Immigration Law at CDI College in North York. Her distinct feature is that she likes to take challenging cases, the cases that had previously been rejected, appeal hearings, HNC, Refugee, Self-Employed cases as well as family sponsorships.

Other than her specialization in Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law she has earned an undergraduate degree in Communication Design, Double Masters in Business Administration, Strategy and Marketing, along with over 10 years of professional experience working with people across the world, from different cultures and religious backgrounds. Therefore, she believes she can understand your needs and can surely customize the services to fit each of her client’s unique requirements.

More information, you may contact her directly at:

Licenced & Regulated by the Government Of Canada

Head Office:    95 King Street East, Unit 201, Toronto, M5C 1G4

Branch Office: 250 Younge Street, Unit 2201, Toronto, M5B 2L7
Back Office:    15 Brunel Court, Toronto, ON, M5V 3Y6

Tel: +1 647 230 1929  


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