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Sponsorship – Partner and Family, 2024-25



Sponsorship - Partner and Family, 2024-25

**** Webinar & Video ****

Seminar ID:     SPF – 0824  August 22, 2024 

( 3 Hours, Under Approved By CICC)

Format:    Webinar & Video   

Language:    English

Provider:       Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN

Webinar Date:                          August 22, 2024

Webinar Time:                          Starts @ 2:00pm – Ends @ 5:15pm ET

Expiry Date for Video ONLY:   August 22, 2025


The Canada Sponsorship Programs for Partner and Family allow Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, dependent children, parents, and grandparents for permanent residency in Canada. These programs aim to reunite families and enable loved ones to live, work, and study in Canada, provided that the sponsor meets certain eligibility criteria, including financial requirements. The sponsored individuals must also pass medical, criminal, and security checks to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for entry into Canada.

Dr. Gurmant Grewal Dr. Gurmant Grewal

Presenter: Dr. Gurmant Grewal

Dr. Gurmant Grewal has been involved with solving immigration issues for a quarter century. As an MP for 3-terms, he served on many committees including the Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee of the House of Commons and as the Co-chair of the Joint Standing Committee of the House and Senate on Scrutiny of Regulations. He understands the immigration process and to have firsthand experience he has even sat down with Canadian officers while they interviewed prospective applicants. He has introduced his own Bill (it even passed a vote in the House) to improve visitor visas, recognize foreign credentials and reduce the Right of Landing Fee (head tax) on new immigrants, redress racism among other issues.


Opening Remarks 

–  Sponsorship Overview

–  Sponsorship Streams

Eligibility Criteria – Sponsor & Sponsored Person 

– Spousal, Common-Law, and Conjugal

–  Dependent Children Sponsorship

–  Parents and Grandparents

–  Other Relatives

–  Intercountry adoption & Its Requirement

Supporting Documents

–  Spousal, Common-Law, and Conjugal

–  Dependent Children Sponsorship

–  Parents and Grandparents

–  Other Relatives

Processing Times & Fees 

Partner Sponsorship Process 

–  Inside Canada

–  Outside Canada



Work Permit 

–  Eligibility

–  Required Documents

How to Apply for each Sponsorship Category 

–  Steps

–  Intercountry adoption – two main processes

IRCC Application Process –  Assessment

–  Decision

Delays in the sponsorship process 

–  Missing Information

–  Background Check

Remedy for Sponsorship Application Refusal 

–  Review

–  Appeal

Closing Remarks 

–  Questions and Answers

–  Conclusion & closing comments


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