Temporary Residents: Visitor, Worker & Student – Do’s & Don’ts, 2021-22


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Title of Program: Temporary Residents: Visitor, Worker & Student – Do’s & Don’ts, 2021-22

**** Webinar & Video ****

Seminar ID:    TRV – 0222   February 17, 2022

( 3 CPD Credits, Approved By CICC)

Format:     Attend Webinar or watch Video  

Language:    English

Provider:       Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN

Webinar Date:                           February 17, 2022

Webinar Time:                          Starts @ 2:00pm – Ends @ 5:15pm ET

Expiry Date for Video ONLY:   May 18, 2022


A temporary resident is a foreign national who is legally authorized to enter Canada for temporary purposes.
A foreign national has temporary resident status when they have been found to meet the requirements of the legislation to enter and/or remain in Canada as a visitor, student or worker. Only foreign nationals physically in Canada hold temporary resident status.
Learn about Do’s and Don’ts for helping your clients to get their legal temporary status in Canada.

Presenter: Hanane Bahassi – RCIC

Hanane Bahassi, RCIC who is distinguished by her immense passion for her career in Canadian immigration law. Before joining the ranks of Herzing College, Hanane Bahassi had several experiences as a paralegal in several internationally renowned law firms (Big Four Firms) where she learned the workings of business immigration and international mobility. Hanane is also a Member of the Quebec Register of Immigration Consultants. Her primary practice is to assist companies in different industries with their international recruiting efforts, as well as providing advice on economic immigration and family reunification to individuals and entrepreneurs. Hanane has been for 3 years professor of Immigration Law, Economics and Globalization at LaSalle College as well in order to share and teach her skills relating to her area of expertise.


Opening Remarks (15 Minutes)

–  Program Overview

Visiting Canada (50 Minutes)

–  Visa or eTA

–  Who needs eTA

–  Exemptions for eTA

–  Visitor Visa

–  How long to stay as a visitor

–  Eligibility-  

Work in Canada (50 Minutes)

–  Types of Work Permits

–  Eligibility Requirements for all applicants

–  Specific Requirements to apply from Inside or outside Canada

–  Global Skills Strategy

–  LMIA-exempt or LMIA-required  


Study in Canada (50 Minutes)

–  What is Study Permit

–  How long to stay in Canada with Study Permit

–  Eligibility Requirements

–  Who doesn’t need Study Permit

–  Required Documents

–  Minimum Funds

–  Get documents ready

–  Apply

Closing remarks (15 minutes)

–  Questions and Answers

–  Conclusion & closing comments


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