Family Sponsorship, 2021-22

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Title of Program: Family Sponsorship, 2021-22

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Seminar ID:    FSS – 0921   September 22, 2021

( 3 CPD Credits, Approved By CICC)

Format:     Watch Video Only  

Language:    English

Provider:       Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN

Webinar Date:                           September 22, 2021

Webinar Time:                          Starts @ 2:00pm – Ends @ 5:15pm ET

Expiry Date for Video ONLY:   September 22, 2022


Family reunification is a pillar of Canadian immigration policy. Under its Immigration Levels Plan for 2021 – 2023, Canada aims to welcome more than 100,000 immigrants through family sponsorship each year.
Canada welcomes about 80 per cent of these immigrants under the Spouses, Partners, and Children Program, and the remaining 20 per cent under the Parents and Grandparents Program.

Presenter: Katharina Kontaxis – Queen’s University – Immigration Course Instructor

Mrs. Katharina Kontaxis, KIS Migration first studied law in Austria, Europe from 1996 to 2000. Then, she immigrated to Canada. Upon completion of her Canadian post-secondary education, she worked in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton.  After 20 years of work experience in the legal field, she founded her own immigration consultancy – KIS Migration – in Edmonton, Alberta.

Her unique perspective on legal issues is based on her professional career in three languages: English, French and German. The broad exposure to different cultures and languages has provided her with extensive experience arguing complex matters on behalf of her customers.

She truly understands the subtle nuances of the ever-changing Canadian immigration and citizenship laws and policies. With the motto “clients-first” in mind, she provides timely and efficient quality services as a Canadian immigration consultant, instructor and author.  


Opening Remarks (10 Minutes)

–  Family Sponsorship

– Who can sponsor, who can be sponsored

Sponsoring spouse, partner, or child (40 Minutes)

–  Sponsor Eligibility

– Intent to Reside in Canada

Who Can Be Sponsored (20 Minutes)

– Spouse, Common Law Partner, Conjugal Partner

– Dependent children 

How to Apply (25 Minutes)

–  Application Package

– Applicant Fees


Sponsoring Parents & Grandparents (20 Minutes)

– Sponsor Eligibility

–  Sponsor Responsibility

 Who Can Be Sponsored? (35 Minutes)

–  Applicant Eligibility

–  Examples of Who Can Be Sponsored

How to Apply (15 Minutes)

–  Application Package

–  Processing Fee & Time

Closing remarks (15 minutes)

–  Questions and Answers

–  Conclusion & closing comments

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  1. Guojun Yu (verified owner)

    Great content, Though I wish that the slides could be shared as well.

  2. Heidi Farjadpour (verified owner)

    Dear Guojun,
    Thank you for your comment.
    As you are aware, IRCC changes its rules and regulations often and unexpectedly.
    It is IMLIN’s policy to provide access to the CPD video while it is still valid. We do not provide presentation material as it’s shown on the video. The video can be watched many time during its validity period. Our CPD course presentation is to provide a comprehensive grasp of subject and good ground base for your professional development when it is still current.

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