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Crucial Role of Business Plan in Canadian Business Immigration Programs, 2022-23



Title of Program: Crucial Role of Business Plan in Canadian Business Immigration Programs, 2022-23

**** Webinar & Video ****

Seminar ID:    CBP – 1022   October 20, 2022

( 3 Credits, Approved By CICC)

Format:     Attend Webinar or watch Video  

Language:    English

Provider:       Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN

Webinar Date:                           October 20, 2022

Webinar Time:                          Starts @ 2:00pm – Ends @ 5:15pm ET

Expiry Date for Video ONLY:  October 20, 2023


Business plans are used by entrepreneurs to secure funding for their business idea or by small business owners looking to refine their business strategy. 
Business plan for your client can be an integral part of their visa application, and the manner in which it is presented can make the difference between  their visa being approved or disapproved. The visa business plan defines who they are as well as their prospective business for the visa. Every visa business plan is different from the next, based on the purpose of the business.
The business plan generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to reach its yearly milestones, including revenue projections. A well thought-out plan also helps the entrepreneur to step back and think objectively about the key elements of their business venture and informs their decision-making on a regular basis

Presenter: Nasim Bahari – Ph.D., PMP., CSM

Nasim Bahari, Ph.D., PMP., CSM.- Dr. Nasim Bahari holds a Ph.D. in management from Telecom Paris in France. She is the co-founder of BENDA Solutions management consulting company that empowers businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them with the business plan and business model development, project management, and operations management. Dr. Bahari has a diverse skillset that she has developed through several years of professional and academic experience in different countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her academic background is enriched with several years of professional experience as a management consultant and project manager in different industries. She also has the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and she is a Certified Scrum Master. She has managed several multi-national projects in different sectors. She is also a university lecturer at Canadian and American universities and teaches various business and management courses.


Opening Remarks 


An overview of business immigration programs  


Why is it necessary to write a business plan for every entrepreneurial endeavor?  


What is a business model, and how is it related to the business plan?  


Core components of a business plan and essential management concept  


How to reinforce your clients’ business plans as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants?  


Closing remarks  

–  Questions and Answers

–  Conclusion & closing comments


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